musings & misconceptions
Recyclable Materials

I find that most quotes people often share on Tumblr, Twitter, FB etc tend to be the most contrived and predictable things ever. Very few quotes merit a second glance and quite frankly, the ones that do carry a sort of emotional clout tend to be the ones that make an abrupt or perhaps little thought of moment in life pop. Everything else is “Love like you have no tomorrow” tripe that Hallmark sells at 2.50 a pop. I mean, shit, tell me something I don’t know. You say I should embrace life at all times? Embrace the dark moments along with those surrounded by light? Forgive? Forget? Are these REALLY worth the constant sharing? Aren’t they all really just the same shit over and over again? Here’s a suggestion: why don’t you just speak from the heart no matter what the message may be? It’s from you…not fucking Paulo Coehlo. It’s raw and maybe fucked up but at least it’s YOURS. You aren’t just recycling others thoughts and hiding behind them. Stand up, be heard but only AS YOU.